Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hello again (aka "Oh yeah...I have a blog")

Hello again!

I have missed this place.

I write posts in my head all of the time, usually on my drive home, but by the time dinner is served, homework is done, showers and bedtime are (finally!) done, those ideas have long escaped my mind and I feel blessed if I can get a few minutes of reading in before I fall into bed.

But, I've been dreaming some dreams and some of them involve writing. So, I figured I should probably get back to writing again. Seems like a good place to start. :)

It seems like this winter has been never-ending here in Minnesota, but it is raining outside now and that is a sure sign of spring! (I'm pretending I don't know about the snow coming later tonight.)

Spring is my favorite of all my favorites! This spring has some especially big things happening! For one, my birthday, but not just any birthday, my 40th birthday!! I'm not sure where all the time went, but I'm looking forward to even better things to come in the next decade!  I am also really looking forward to the InRL life event at the end of April! What a blessing this group of ladies and this community has been to me!

In other big news, my son has decided he likes to read books. (Can you hear the angels singing their Hallelujah chorus?)  This has been something I have dreamed of happening! He loved "reading" books when he was little but then after struggles with school and such he decided reading wasn't for him. But in the last couple of weeks he has been asking to read together, carrying books around with him....and actually reading them!!!!

The other night I caught him trying to sneak books into bed!!! Joy, unspeakable joy!!!

Well, there you go, it's not much, but it's a start! It is good to be back here!!

Blessings to you and so much love!

I am looking forward to seeing you here again soon!