Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Community inRL

I'm the kind of person who likes to be alone. I'm perfectly fine to be home alone with my son, reading a book while he plays. I get plenty of interaction through social media. I go to church on Sunday mornings and fellowship then.

It's just who I am.

Except that it's not who I am.

These are just some of the lies that I've been telling myself so that I could avoid the fear involved in truly opening up my life and letting people in. The fear involved in being part of a community. The fear that no one will like me, that I will let other people down.

The truth is....I come alive around people! I love hearing their stories and telling my own! It is inspiring to see how God is working through others. Community is a beautiful thing!

Over the last couple of years God has slowly been introducing me to community. After my husband passed, I was alone in my free time. Throughout his illness and passing God started building community for me. People began bringing us meals, sending cards, taking Jerry to appointments when I couldn't, stopping over for visits. When he went home to be with Jesus, so many people were there to support us. I know without even a shadow of a doubt that it was the prayers of so many that got us through this time.

When I bought my townhouse 6 months ago, people I didn't even know offered to help me move. My community was growing. God was moving in my life. He prompted me to invite one of the women to dinner, despite my fear. I just really wanted to be friends with her. Immediately we developed a beautiful friendship. God has blessed me so richly through her!

Over the last couple of months He has brought me into a book study with women in my church that has opened even more doors for community and friendship. It is so amazing how He works.

So, when I started getting the emails about the (in)Courage/(in)RL conference/meetup happening in April, my heart was filled with desire to be involved (and fear of the unknown). Of course, I was sure that there wouldn't be any local meet-ups. So when registration opened up yesterday I was so beyond excited to see that there WAS a local group and not only that, but it had the highest registration!! God is good!

I registered and was so blessed just by registering. My heart was full! I've already been able to connect with several of the women by attending my first Twitter Party! Amazing! I can't wait to find out what God has in store for us!

If you would like to know more about the (in)RL event, click here! It's FREE and sure to be amazing!


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  2. Vicki, I can't wait to meet you at (in)rl! I have very similar feelings; content to be alone but sure do come alive around people. Its good to know we aren't alone in the vulnerability and to meet another thirty something bookworm and mother from Minnesota!

    1. I'm soo looking forward to it! :) It is definitely good to know we aren't alone!

  3. Happy for you. Awesome! I can relate to much of this because I have been in that place of spending more time alone when really I am social and get energized by people also. I hope you have a great time!