Friday, May 3, 2013


Brave. It has been a topic of conversation around our house lately.

My 3rd grade son has been having trouble with a boy in his class bullying him. It is really hard to take, my momma bear really rises up. My son is a people-pleaser, conflict-avoider, super-sensitive, follow-alonger. I would like to say I have no idea where he got that from, but I can't. He totally got it from me.

I'm trying to teach him differently though.  I'm praying he can learn from my experiences and be brave way before I was. I'm learning it won't take him as long to trust Jesus as it did me.  See I used to think that "brave" meant having no fear. I was totally wrong, brave is having fear and doing it anyway.....that's what makes it brave. The other side to that is learning to trust Jesus in our fear. Knowing that Jesus is with us can make us brave in spite of our fear.

So, we've been praying and my son has been brave. He's gone to school and has been having a great week. (And the other boy has left him alone.)

Soon, I'll be taking lessons on bravery from him.


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  1. Love it! So glad he's being brave against a bully.You go mama bear. If he can conquer that now, he will be much better armed for the future. Because believe me, these days middle and high school can be rough. If we can teach them self-confidence, and that bullies are typically bullies because they are afraid themselves, half the battle is won. Then the other half is Prayer ;) Enjoyed finding your post over at Lisa Jo's blog today!

  2. May your brave warrior press on.

  3. Our kids can teach us so much about being brave! "brave is having fear and doing it anyway.....that's what makes it brave." Yes!

  4. Glad he is having a good week now. Bullying is not ok, but kids and teens can be cruel like that. They seem to always know who the tender hearted sensitive ones are too. Here's to bravery! Hugs!

  5. Love this! So glad your son had a good week at school.