Friday, September 21, 2012

FMF: Wide

This weeks Five Minute Friday with Link to Lisa-Jo Baker topic is Wide!


Deep and Wide. A song we sang in sunday school when I was very young. He loves us deep and He loves us Wide. It's impossible to imagine how WIDE His love can be. When my son tells me he loves me "this much" and stretches his little arms as wide as he can, I'm struck by how hard he is stretching. To imagine the Father's arms stretched, infinitely wider than we can imagine makes me catch my breath. My whole life I've searched for love (in all the wrong places, mind you!) and the whole time it's been there. The answer found in a childhood song. Deep and Wide. There is a fountain flowing Deep and Wide. A fountain of God's love for me. For you.

For a stroll down memory lane..... :)


  1. I wrote about Deep and Wide too! You created a lovely image with your son's arms stretching as hard as they can. Having a 3-year-old son myself, my heart definitely felt the depth of that moment.