Friday, September 14, 2012


I've been reading the Five Minute Friday posts by for several weeks now. I keep wanting to participate, but once I have read so many posts, I feel that I can't come up with anything original to write about. Ok, so that's probably just an excuse because I'm nervous to share unedited words.  But this week I got the email and saw the topic. I didn't open it. I waited until I had 5 minutes uninterupted to write. So here it is:

Focus. I often have a hard time focusing. I see where my son gets it from. I shouldn’t get so frustrated with him when he goes off track, I suppose. I don’t hear God scolding me from above when I’m praying and all the sudden I find myself thinking about dinner or a conversation I had last night.

I want to be better at focusing on what God wants me to focus on. I have a tendency to get a hint of what He wants me to do and I run with it. Since I don’t spend time enough figuring out what He really has in mind, I usually end up losing focus on whatever it is and end up nowhere.  So tonight I’m going to pray for focus. That He will lead me (and my wandering mind) where I need to go. Where He wants me to go. I want to focus on His will and not my own. I’ve done enough of that, and it just isn’t the way it should be.

Times up!

Looking forward to making this a weekly thing!


  1. Hi Vicki! This is my first "official" five minute Friday also! Very excited about jumping in. I really do relate to the need to focus. Being a crafter and maker, I find myself jumping from project to project without really finishing what I started. My son is also much like me. He is an artist by trade and he has to have at least two or three projects going at once to keep himself from being bored. I am learning to lean in and listen as well. It is the only way I know to get clear direction.

  2. Hi, Vicki. Thanks for your comment and welcome to the blogging world! I, too, have a long-time dream of writing and my blog was my first attempt - ever - at sharing my work with other people. It's been a true work in progress and even after 18 months, I still have a ton to learn. But it's been loads of fun, and I truly feel like I've found myself again. So I wish you the best in your writing efforts, and happy "focusing" today!

    1. Thanks, Lisa! Also my first attempt at sharing. Thanks for commenting. I am hoping that through writing I can also "find myself". I've spent a lot of time being who other people have needed me to be. I'm at a crossroads now and am ready to be who God wants me to be. :)