Friday, October 5, 2012

FMF: Welcome

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This weeks topic:  WELCOME

9 years ago I was unwed, pregnant, living with my mom. I was a disaster. I was ashamed of myself, my life, everything. But I had this baby growing inside of me and somehow I knew things needed to change.  Since I was living with my mom, I had to follow her rules which meant I had to live by her rules. Living by her rules meant I had to go to church every Sunday. I grew up in church so it wasn't like I didn't know God or anything. But I was ashamed. I was embarrassed to go. I didn't know any of these people as our old church had shut its doors and I hadn't been to her new church. But I went. People were nice to me but I wasn't really open to their welcome.

Then one day I got invited to a baby shower. For my baby. I was welcomed by all of these women who I didn't know at all. They put together this wonderful party for me and my son. He was showered with wonderful new clothes and all the things new babies need.  (Technically times up.....but I'm not done yet!)

I was so touched and as I look back, I see that God was welcoming me back. He used these beautiful women to show me His love. It took me a while to get back on track with Him, but knowing that there were people that loved God enough to love me, sins and all, really opened a giant door for me.

To this day, my son and I are close to one of the families from that church. They are "Uncle and Aunt" to my son and I still remember the darling outfit she got him at our baby shower.


  1. Dear, dear Vicki.

    Holy Spirit chills tingle down my spine and wrap around my body. Your post was a hug from God through you to me. A sweet reminder that God sees. And a little extra encouragement that I needed. Last week I discovered Five-Minute Friday. This week God gave me the courage to link up.

    Vicki, do you know that you and I share the same story?

    Unwed. Pregnant. Grew up in church.

    Oh, so humbling.

    But because of God's mercy and the people who welcome us with God's love(In your case, your welcoming church. In mine, the acceptance and forgiveness of my husband's and my Christian family). . . Don't you agree? That the pain of the unwed-and-pregant-kind-of suffering was the absolute. very. best. thing. God. could have used to reach you and me.

    God rescued me from being the kind of woman I don't want to be: I don't wanna be a mediocre woman.

    He forgave me, personally. And fully. God drew me to His heart--to want His way and will for my life--entirely, wholly, completely. God surprised me: He gave me a ministry called Today's Lady Virtue. Now my passion burns to help women "Reclaim Virtuous Womanhood the Time-tested Way!"

    Let me share a few words to encourage you.

    1) I'm thrilled and delighted for you, your marriage, your family. And that you have a loving community that cares for and loves you.

    2) You're brave and bold. Keep sharing your story for God's glory. It exhilarates me to think how God can, will, and already is using your mess for His ministry.

    3) My baby (when I was unwed and pregnant at age 20) is now 13. His name means "Gift from God", and a true gift is he! A gift that keeps on giving, actually. Let me say, keep following the Lord and walking in His ways. Teach your children to do the same. When your babe grows to 13, Lord willing, I can confidently say, "Vicki, prepare to be amazed" at the myriad ways your gift from God will bless you. Then to think that children keep on growing . . .


    1. Thank you Shannon for your kind and encouraging words. This is only my 3rd Five Minute Friday myself. I just love seeing how God moves in our daily actions. While I was pondering the topic of Welcome throughout the day I had planned on writing something else completely. Then just before I started writing, I remembered this baby shower and how it blessed me. :)

      You are so right. I have often said that God used my son to save my life (both literally and eternally it turns out).

      We were blessed with a man who became my husband and my son's father. Sadly, we lost him last year to cancer. But even through that God has strengthened me more and brought me even closer to Him.

      I also firmly believe that He is using my mess to reach people. He is putting the desire in my heart to reach out to others and share His love. It is truly amazing when we look back over our lives and see how He has been with us all along.

      Bless you and your family! I'm so glad we connected today. :)