Friday, February 22, 2013

What Mama Did

She held my hair...........

When I read this prompt the very first thing that I think of is that she held my hair. When I was a girl I had very long hair.....she loved my long blond hair. But when I would get sick, this beautiful hair was sure to get in my way and mom was always there to hold it back for me. Perhaps this isn't the most beautiful image, but in reality it symbolizes the never ending love that mom had/has for me. She was always there stroking my hair and making sure I was ok. It really is the little things that make the biggest impression. To this day when I am sick, I long for my mom to come over and hold back my hair and comfort me in the way that only a mother can.

A close second would be the bunny cakes that she always made for my birthday that always falls near Easter! :)


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  1. My mom did that too!
    And my daughter just had that experience last night... although her hair was braided back, but I did have to give her a sweet sponge bath and slept with her foot on my chest all night long :-p

  2. Yep. . .I feel the same way, always wishing for my Mom when I get ill. I wonder if we ever outgrow that? She'd hold my hair just like your Mom did and now that I too am a Mom, I realize that was really her saying, "I wish I could take this for you."

  3. Mom's are great when we don't feel well! You are right- the little things are the big things.

  4. My hair wasn't too long but my mom did that as well and my daughters have gotten the same loving treatment. I think part of it is that getting it out of the hair in the middle of the night doesn't appeal to any mother. :) And asking a sick child to stand in the shower isn't too kind either. But in that vulnerable moment, every kind deed feels so wonderful.

    Now when I throw up I have to clean myself promptly and get back out there to watch the kids. :)

  5. I do enjoy reading your posts. :-)