Friday, April 26, 2013


Friend. It is such a powerful word. Such an important word. For the longest time I was hurt, betrayed and withdrawn from friendship. I convinced myself I didn't need friends. I had my husband and my son and my family. What else did I need?

But it was lonely if I was honest. With no girls to giggle with, no one to turn to when things were hard. No one to tell the things I didn't really want to talk to my mom about.

Then I started to rely more on Jesus. Trusting him with my fears and my feelings. Through that, He opened my heart to real friendship. He made my heart brave(er) and I opened my door to one girl. One invitation, one dinner, has opened my heart to so much more. Through this one friend He has shown me how He loves me, how I can trust Him and the friends He leads me to. She has taught me the true meaning of friendship.

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  1. What a blessing this new friend is in your life. Visiting from LJB! Happy Friday!

  2. What a blessing! so I am visiting from fmf BUT also inrlmn!! Its great to see God blessing you so richly friend!

  3. I totally get it and I am so glad you are finding new friends.

  4. I understand this journey - through hurt and then trusting Jesus as He brings new friends into our lives.

  5. When I read this the other day I didn't have time to leave a comment, but I've been rejoicing with you about the beautiful friendship God brought into your life. He is so good!