Friday, April 19, 2013


My son is constantly jumping...on everything. He is a boy and he is 9, I suppose it comes with the territory but it drives me completely batty!!! He jumps on his bed and I fell like he will come through the ceiling when I am in the room below. So I make him stop. He jumps from the recliner to the couch to the other recliner and back again. He is pretending to be some jungle animal. But "we don't jump on the furniture" so I make him stop. Yesterday, we got a ton of April snow here in Minnesota so he went out to play. He didn't wear his snow pants but he was jumping and rolling in the snow. My instinct was to march right out there and tell him to stop. But I didn't. Instead I went out and played with him. We built a snowman, complete with easter egg eyes, an angry birds hat, a highlighter for a nose and my bright red scarf. We had a blast! Sometimes I just need to remember to take a deep breath and just jump, have fun, enjoy this gift of life we've been given. And my boy is the best one to remind me of this!

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  1. There is something about that child view of just doing it because it's fun - not worried about what ifs and consequences. I often feel like I need a little more of that in my daily life, and less focus on things that cause worry.


  2. Yay to making snow man! So fun. :) I used to love to jump on beds when I was a child . I guess most kids are jumpers :)

  3. Loved this! It's like, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!" Right? But I love that in the joining you end up with a cool day and fun memory, when it otherwise would have been a battle. Very smart. I need to remember this!

  4. So good to see a post from you. I hope you have been well. You are a wonderful mommy!

    Dear Lord, thank you for Vicki and her precious son. Bless them abundantly this week with your grace and your ever-present spirit. Give them strength and endurance and ample reasosn to smile. We love you Lord and we thank you for what you're going to do in our lives this week.

    In Jesus' name, Amen.

    Much love to you! :)

  5. Kids always know how to make fun out of snow, even in April!